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Established in 1994, BakkerElkhuizen is a leading European brand specialising in ergonomic solutions for modern day computer-based workstations. Since their founding, BakkerElkhuizen have created and cared for the relationships they have forged with their numerous partners, suppliers and customers. This mindset along with their knowledge of ergonomics has allowed BakkerElkhuizen to maintain a forefront position in the ergonomics world.

BakkerElkhuizen specialises in developing high-end, ergonomic hardware and software solutions that contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of computer users. Their innovative solutions physically and mentally trigger staff to move more, work more efficiently, adopt proper working postures and alternate between these postures.

With 4 different workstation concepts: fixed, mobile, flex and home workstations, BakkerElkhuizen offers the correct solution along with the right products

As a Gold-certified Microsoft partner, BakkerElkhuizen have achieved the highest accreditation that Microsoft awards, meaning they carry with them, the knowledge and expertise to help provide technological solutions across all Microsoft platforms

Their products contribute immeasurably to the health, conformity and productivity of the user, through supporting an ergonomic workforce.


  • BakkerElkhuizen U-Board 960 Standard Compact Keyboard
  • BakkerElkhuizen U-Board 955 Numeric Pad

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