BakkerElkhuizen C-Board 810 Compact Keyboard


  • 320 mm Wide
  • 163 mm Deep
  • 25 mm High
  • Weighs 550 grams
  • Soft touch keys
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The C-board 810 is a striking, lightweight ergonomic keyboard. Thanks to its modern design, the C-Board 810 can be used with laptops as well as desktops. It has a light key touch that makes typing more comfortable and can be used with laptops as well as desktops.
The advantage of a compact format without a numeric pad is that your arm doesn't need to reach so far for the mouse. This causes less strain, preventing overload of the arm and shoulders.
With its slightly bent shape, the C-Board 810 promotes a natural posture of your hands and wrists. The scissor mechanism under the keys gives you a flat keyboard and a light key touch. The flat keys are easier on your wrists.

  • Width 320 mm
  • Height 25 mm
  • Depth 163 mm
  • Weight 550 gr

Warranty Period: 12 Months


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