Therapod chairs

Therapod Ergonomic Office Chairs are specifically designed to deliver orthopaedically correct back support through the fully customisable spinal support system. This promotes comfort and durability.

In designing the range of Therapod Office Chairs, it is understood that back shapes differ from person to person. As do workplace environments, this also includes the way our work is processed on a day to day basis.

This thought process allowed Therapod to create a chair range that maintains total contact whilst performing a wide range of operations. 

Even with a difference in weight, height and shape of the person, Therapod Chairs can be changed to suit a variety of different body shapes. The famous Therapod Back Strap System allows a user to adjust the seat to their personal back shape. This function is especially useful for anyone with outstanding back injuries/pain.


Therapod 24/7 Contemporary Standard Seat


Therapod 24/7 Contemporary Standard Seat


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