Mobis Leaning Stool II


  • Leaning Stool
  • Seat Height 63cm - 89cm
  • Seat Rotates 360 degrees
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The new and improved Mobis II supports your pelvis with a unique contoured design and waterfall edge. The cushion is also even softer than on the Mobis I!

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The Mobis II is here! The latest version of the very popular ergonomic leaning / sit stand stool. It is the lighter, grab-and-go version of the award-winning "stand or lean" Locus Seat. It offers the ideal level of upright support for those at the office, medical facilities, retail, or anywhere it's important to keep your energy up and your thoughts focused.

The changes from Mobis I to Mobis II include an upgrade to the seat pan, to include a Tri-Flex' seat cushion which is designed to contour to your sitz bone's. The waterfall edge of the ergonomic seat cushion means that the lip doesn't dig in to your legs, it actually promotes healthy circulation. 

A perfect partner for any standing desk, this lean-into, adjustable height, pivoting stool was designed for people who need to have as much energy at 4PM as they did at the start of the day.

Height-adjustable from: 63.5cm - 88.9cm

Weight: 7 kgs

Base Footprint: 16" ellipse

Colours: Only available in Black

Mobis' leg flexes 6 degrees in all directions

Seat rotates 360 degrees, always returning to centre.

Do you sit on a Mobis? Nope. You Lean.

To use Mobis just stand, press the pneumatic lift to raise the seat pan to just about the height of a tall stool. When the height feels right for you, lean into Mobis and your body's natural dynamics will give you exactly the support you need.

  • Leaning Stool
  • Seat Height 63cm - 89cm
  • Seat Rotates 360 degrees

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