Vidamic Flexigrip Mouse Wireless


  • Wireless Version
  • Decreases Hand/Wrist Pronation
  • Interchangeable Palm Supports
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The Vidamic Wireless Flexigrip ergonomic mouse's 33 degree angle decreases wrist strain by reducing excessive hand pronation.

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The Flexigrip Wireless Mouse from Vidamic is a well thought out and unique ergonomic mouse that is unrivalled in design principle. The 33 degree angle of the mouse reduces excessive wrist pronation, puts your wrist in a neutral position, thus reducing strain on your forearm.

The 3 interchangeable palm/ hand supports prevent your hand from rubbing on the desk whilst ensuring you're well supported from your wrist through to your fingertips. The smaller support promotes increased mousing precision by giving you greater control over the entire mouse. Whereas the largest grip is most suitable for general office use as it has a gel pad as part of the support for your palm / wrist.

6 Buttons

The 6 buttons include left click, right click, clickable scroll wheel, adjustable DPI button and the forward and backward buttons for your thumb. The 6 buttons are only programmable on the wired version.

DPI Resolution

Easy adjustment of the cursor speed via the DPI button allows for 4 different speeds to be easily selected.


PC - Windows 7, 8, Vista, 2000, XP

Mac - Mac OS 9, Mac OS X (10.2.8 or later)


Width with Large Support: 9.5cm

Width with No Support: 7cm

Length (Depth) with No Support: 11cm

Length (Depth) with Large Support: 16cm


Plug and play.

  • Wireless Version
  • Decreases Hand/Wrist Pronation
  • Interchangeable Palm Supports

Warranty Period: 12 Months


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