• LCD Size: Up to 30"
  • Capacity: 5.4 - 12.7 kg
  • Lift: Up to 46cm
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With this height-adjustable Ergotron Workfit workstation, you can switch between sitting and standing with ease. Able to move up and down with one simple motion, this is a fantastic ergonomic solution for any office environment. 

  • LCD Size: Single monitor, up to 30” display
  • Capacity: 5.4 – 12.7 kg
  • Lift: Up to 46cm

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Ergotron Workfit-S Single HD Worksurface White

The Ergotron Workfit-S Range has the ability to transform any surface into a convenient sit-stand workstation. Helping to improve productivity, it allows you to switch easily between sitting and standing, with the height-adjustable workstation able to be moved up and down in one fluid motion.

A WorkFit-S Sit-Stand workstation with worksurface is a great choice for anyone looking to stay energised and productive at work, with its ergonomic design and advanced adjustment options allowing you to switch positions easily depending on your current preference. This allows you to work more comfortably for a longer period of time.

This particular model of the Ergotron Workfit is designed to accommodate a single LCD Monitor with a weight of up to 12.7kg. It includes a surface mount base (black and polished aluminium), height-adjustment column, desk clamp, LCD pivot, handy keyboard tray, and left/right mouse tray.


  • LCD Size:  1 monitor, up to 30" display
  • Capacity:  5.4 - 12.7 kg
  • Lift:  Up to 46cm (18")
  • Tilt:  - 30 Degrees
  • Pan:  -
  • Rotation:  90 degrees
  1. VESA Compliant 
  2. Lift range: KLCD/notebook/keyboard tray adjust 46cm (18") in tandem; LCD adjusts 12.2cm (4.8") independently; maximum LCD height adjustment = 58cm (23")
  3. The Ergotron Workfit is designed for use with a separate, external keyboard for proper ergonomics. Keyboard adjusts 18" (46 cm) 
  4. Ergonomic back-tilt keyboard tray with left or right mouse tray ensures wrists remain in a neutral position during data entry - avoid repetitive-stress injuries while increasing comfort and productivity. 
  5. Desk clamp attaches to surface edge 0.4-2.4" (10-60 mm) thick. 
  6. Durable, easy-to-clean exterior composed of aluminium, high-grade plastic and powder coated painted steel 
  7. Keyboard tray includes mouse tray that installs on left or right. Patented Constant Force (CF) lift-and-pivot motion technology. Monitor depth may affect weight capacity. See website for details.

  • LCD Size: Up to 30"
  • Capacity: 5.4 - 12.7 kg
  • Lift: Up to 46cm

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