An Active Workplace Must Become the Norm

By now, it is common knowledge that movement throughout the day is beneficial to your health. Whether that be walking, playing sport or participating in some form of exercise.  


Studies are now revealing that even sitting or being sedentary at work throughout the day poses a significant health risk. Some evidence has proven that changing the way you work or interact with your workplace can have a beneficial effect on your health. This can simply be ensuring that you go for a short walk to the kitchen, around the office or even to a nearby window. The reason why I say walk to a nearby window, it is also beneficial for your eyesight to focus on something in the distance every 30 to 45 minutes if you have been continually looking at a computer screen.

One of the more common office objects that promote movement with minimal interruption to productivity and workflow are Sit-to-Stand desks. In actual fact, studies have proven that an electric height adjustable desk can result in an increase in productivity. For example, a study by the University of Missouri revealed that meetings that are held standing are on average 34% shorter than when they are held seated.

Investing in a height adjustable desk promotes an active workplace and can decrease your chance of developing musculoskeletal conditions and some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

A study conducted at Monash University in Melbourne revealed that Sit to Stand desk users experience significate reductions in fatigue levels and lower back discomfort in overweight/obese office workers, while maintaining productivity levels.

What this boils down to is prioritising movement at work, and when the workspace is furnished in an intelligent manner, this can be a great aid.

At ergonomicoffice, we offer a range of Height Adjustable products to suit all budgets and requirements. Starting with our QuickShift desktop unit and our Ergotron Workfit TL moving up to our electric height adjustable workstations, we have a solution for everyone. We also have a large range of Sit-to-Stand accessories such as anti-fatigue mats (great for first time Sit-to-Stand users) and our Focal furniture range of standing/perching stools.


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