Microdesk Standard


  • 560mm Wide 
  • 310mm Deep 
  • Acrylic Reading / Writing Surface
  • Height and Angle Adjustable
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The Original Microdesk Reading/Writing Board designed in 1997 and still manufactured in New Zealand today.

  • 560mm Wide
  • 310mm Deep
  • Acrylic Reading / Writing Surface

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A portable, lightweight, and translucent accessory that is both a writing slope and in-line document holder that fits over the top of the keyboard.

A keyboard can be stored underneath when not in use. Screw in feet provide height and angle adjustment.

The strong acrylic construction allows the user to rest their forearms on the surface safely while maximising desk space and retaining a safe working posture.

Allows the user's body to remain in an aligned position when writing, papers can be placed directly in front of them.

  • Enables easy access to the keyboard while working with papers or books
  • Allows the keyboard to be seen easily through the clear surface


1. Screw in Microdesk feet.

2. Place Microdesk over the rear section of the keyboard with only the function keys beneath the Microdesk - so you can still see the keys

3. Position the mouse to the side of the keyboard just in front of the Microdesk

4. Adjust the Microdesk height so you can use the function keys easily and write to either side of the centre lip with your forearm resting on the Microdesk.

5. Ensure you keep your back in contact with your chair back as you work, to release back and neck tension.

• Surface 560mm wide x 310mm deep (22"W x 12"D).

• Front height adjusts from 75mm – 95mm ( 3” – 3 ¾").

• Rear height adjusts from 150mm – 190mm ( 6” – 7 ½").

• Weight - 2.02 kg in carton

• Paper ledge supplied in two heights: 20mm (3/4") and 8mm (1/4")

  • 560mm Wide 
  • 310mm Deep 
  • Acrylic Reading / Writing Surface
  • Height and Angle Adjustable

Warranty Period: 12 Months


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