10 Day - Chair Trial or Team Demo

Trial your next ergonomic chair from ergonomicoffice

Human SIZE and Shape.

Thinking about the anthropometric percentile in terms of body measurements......particularly Shorter and Taller people...

Our most popular chair that generally seems to suit 7 out 10 people in a typical office environment is the tried and proven DUO Comfort 300

A broad range of ergonomic alternatives and variations are our specialty .

Visiting the showroom in Fyshwick ACT to Sit and Select from the range of ergonomic seating  is the quickest way to get you into a comfortable and supportive chair..

Chair Trial Service is a limited and discretionary offering to assist in affirming that your selection is right for you.

Trial Chairs
A selection of ergonomic chair models are available for trial, particularly if you experience pain and discomfort sitting. Trialing a chair can be the best indicator as to whether the chair supports, aids and assists your posture in relieving existing pain and discomfort. eg.  lower back pain.

TRIAL and DEMO chairs are available to evaluate, easy to organise can be subject to Handling/Shipping Fee's* to cover freight charges.

Workplace Chair Demo. Service  is a popular choice when buying for multiple staff...the TEAM, where a selection of most popular, tried and proven ergonomic office chairs are supplied to circulate and rotate among office workers to identify their preferred choice... knowing that one chair size  does not necessarily fit all...  

10 Day ergonomic chair Trial


10 Day TEAM Chair Demo.
Contact our office:

1. Phone 1300 555 930  or sales@ergonomicoffice.com.au 

2. The chair selection is sent out to you.
3. After deciding about Comfort, Support and Fit...Purchase or Return the trial chair

To purchase a chair, simply advise ergonomicoffice within the 10-day period and an invoice will be then raised.

If you decide against purchasing the chair, simply email us to Close Out the TRIAL or DEMO

and arrange return.

Ergonomic Accessories
Ergonomic accessories including packaged Mice, Keyboards and the like are not offered for trial and are non returnable in accordance with our Returns Policy.

* Handling/Shipping
Freight charges cover the cost of delivery and return of trial chairs from ergonomicoffice.
Rates for main centres:
Canberra $33.00  
Sydney $88.00 + Return $88.00
Melbourne $99.00 + Return $99.00
Brisbane $110.00 + Return $110.00
Adelaide $110.00 + Return $110.00
For other locations please contact us. (Above Pricing is Indicative Only)

Conditions For Trial Chair/s

ergonomicoffice provides trial chair/s for evaluation and suitability purposes. If arranging for trial chair/s, please note the following.

  • The trial chair/s are limited to 10 days only, with the time limit commencing from the delivery date.
  • As soon as possible ( 3 Days... )  and before the end of the trial, please notify us - Keep or Return  by email. 
  • The borrower agrees to pay for freight/return freight charges of Trial is unsuccessful
  • Charges may apply if the returned chair is soiled or damaged

To Return the Chair

  • Return the TRIAL chairs  in "as new condition"
  • Pack and wrap the TRIAL chair in a protective covering, to prevent damages to the fabric in transit.and please ensure that you quote the S/O number on the packaging
  • Send back to ergonomicoffice via courier. ergonomicoffice are happy to arrange a courier on your behalf, although you will be billed for the transit costs
  • Notify us on 1300 555 930 or sales@ergonomicoffice.com.au that the trial didn't work out
  • In the case of a chair being returned damaged or soiled. A cleaning fee may be charged

To Keep The Chair/s

  • To keep the goods (all or in part) notify sales@ergonomicoffice.com.au or call 1300 555 930 quoting your S/O number
  • The sales team will arrange for invoicing to be finalised
  • When Trial chair/s is retained with no resolve beyond 21 days then the goods become non-returnable and subject to billing for payment unless other arrangements have been agreed upon with ergonomicoffice.

Extended Use of Trial Chair

  • When a trial chair on loan from ergonomicoffice is not returned within an agreed time frame, HIRE CHARGES will be billed at $15.00 per day (plus GST). 
  • Special Orders for ergonomic office chairs in a specified, but non-stocked fabric will generally cause a manufacturing lead time of up to 4 weeks. Extended Interim use of a loan trial chair is possible on request where the client accepts HIRE CHARGES billed at $15.00 per day (plus GST).